Village Clerk

The Clerk-Treasurer works under the direction of the Mayor to carry out the day-to-day administrative tasks associated with municipal government. The Village Clerk is responsible for maintaining custody of the Village seal, books, records and all official reports of the Village. The Village Clerk is the Village’s Freedom of Information Officer/Records Management Officer and is custodian of all Village records, responsible for active files, storage and retrieval of inactive records, and the careful maintenance of archival material. The Village Clerk coordinates the Village’s response to public requests for access to records pursuant to the NY State Freedom of Information Law (FOIL). As Treasurer, the Village Clerk is the Chief Fiscal Officer for the Village and is responsible for maintaining custody of all funds and accounts as well as the financial operations of the Village budgets totaling over $1 million. The Treasurer’s main responsibilities include establishing the Village’s financial accounting and reporting systems, overseeing water/sewer billing, payroll and accounts payable. The Treasurer is the custodian of all village moneys, and must account to the Board of Trustees and New York State for all moneys received, expended and remaining on hand.

The Village Clerk’s Office provides support to both residents and the various Village departments. General questions relating to Village government should be directed to the Village Clerk.

Notary services are provided by the Village Clerk, free of charge.

Amy Will, Village Clerk-Treasurer
Janet Oley, Deputy Village Clerk
Terry Reed, Deputy Village Clerk-Treasurer

Address: 23 Cedar Street, Morrisville

Fax: 315-684-9268


Hours: Monday-Thursday 8:30 AM - 2:00 PM
Friday 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM