Planning Board


The Planning Board is empowered to review and deliberate on-site plans, subdivisions, and sign permit applications. Each member serves a five-year term.

Planning Board meetings are held as needed. Please contact the Village Office to determine the next scheduled meeting date.

When Is Planning Board Review Required?

Pursuant to §180-25 of the Code of the Village of Morrisville, whenever any structure is proposed to be constructed, added to, or modified in any zone, except one-family dwellings and accessory structures or two-family dwellings and accessory structures, or whenever any structure in a residential zone which is used in whole or in part for non-residential purposes is proposed to be added to or modified, or when any existing structure in any zone is proposed to be changed to a use other than a one-family or two-family dwelling, which is different than its present use, the owner of the land on which such proposed or existing structure is located shall submit a site development plan to the Planning Board. Review and approval by the Planning Board are required before development is undertaken.

Due to State and County requirements, certain reviews and public notices are required which usually take a minimum of 5-6 weeks. Therefore, you should plan your project carefully and present the application well in advance of your intended construction start. You should plan to attend the next available meeting of the Village of Morrisville Planning Board to discuss your project. Please call the Village Clerk in advance to confirm the meeting is being held and to be placed on the agenda.

Additionally, if you intend to erect, alter or relocate any permanent sign, a permit is required. Please note that the application for a sign permit is subject to review and approval by the Code Enforcement Officer and the Planning Board


Marie Smith, Chairman
Ron Bush
Rachel Armstrong
Danielle Papelino
Tracy Akers